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Welcome to Mike's Gun Sales & Service UPR Stock page!
Mike's Gun Sales and Service is happy to announce the release of our newest product, the Unlimited Precision Rifle
Stock (UPR)
patent pending. The UPR stock features billet machined mil-spec aluminum components. The UPR is fully
adjustable for length of pull, with an easy to access thumb wheel that can be locked in position, adjustable height cheek
piece that can be locked in position, three flush cup sling mount positions on each side, ambidextrous push button for
side folder, built -in box magazine system(AICS style magazines) and a built in rail system for attaching night vision
devices and other accessories such as flashlights, lasers and bipods.  The UPR stock combines the best components
available with MGSS design ideas to deliver a versatile multi-function shooting platform for the serious marksman. The
UPR will be available for both long and short action Rem700 style rifles and will be available in 3 anodized colors: Black,
OD Green or Tan.  
Availability of colored units will be limited. Call 361-758-9380 now for pricing and ordering.
Close up of right side showing scope base,
handguard attachment point and ambidextrous
folding stock knuckle. The forward handguard can be
removed for cleaning and other maintenance. Also
note the two different level shelfs built in to the stock
for added versatility when shooting off barricades
and other objects used for field rests.
(click picture for larger view)
Close up of the forward grip area and balancing of
(click picture for larger view)
Left side view of UPR with Rem700 short
action showing adjustable and folding stock
with ambidextrous release button. The
round handguard also makes the rifle very
comfortable to handle in many positions
from offhand to resting on barricades
(click picture for larger view)
Right side view of UPR with Rem700
short action and 22 inch barrel
showing 3 flush cups for sling
attachment per side and rails for
(click picture for larger view)
Showing balance point and hand carry position of
(click picture for larger view)
Close up of right side showing
ambidextrous folding stock in the
folded position. The closed window
design of the one piece scope base
also keeps dirt and debris from
entering the action.
. (click picture for larger view)
View of UPR and rifle from forward
view showing our super slim
design and the position and
clearance or barrel in handguard
that fit any heavy barrels used by
precision marksman
(click picture for larger view)
First successful field test on approx 275lb hog!
(click picture for larger view)