Mike's Gun Sales and Service Rifle pictures
Mike's Gun Sales
& Service

1904 N FM 1069
Aransas Pass, TX
This is a picture of a large portion of our showroom
giving a feel for the style and type of products we
Here is a collection of some of the rifle builds and projects we have done. Enjoy!
This is a custom 260 Rem built on a
Remington 700 action. Riding in a
AICS stock with custom camo paint
job and S&B scope.
This is a 6.5X47 Lapua, built for Amanda,
Mike's youngest daughter. Built on
Rem700 action riding in a Manners stock
with S&B scope. Amanda has put it to
good use this past hunting season,
killing several animals with it out to
275yrds. Good Job Amanda!
This is a match grade AR-10 built
with Armalite components and a
Rock barrel. Topped with the S&B,
this gun is a tack driver.
This is a Short Barelled Shotgun
we put together for one of our
local LE officers. Short and handy.
You definitely don't want to be on
the wrong end of this thing!
A 13.5 SBR build for one of our
customers that turned out very
nice. Everyone who has seen it
has been green with envy :).
This is a Mcmillan 50 that we built a
50cal suppressor for. Another one
that you don't want to be too close
Not much differrent than the one
above, but this is the Barret M82.
Again, some awesome firepower